Summer Hot Rods

Oster is obsessed with vehicles…trucks, cars, vans…so we thought taking him to a car show would be something he would absolutely love.

We went this weekend. Shiny cars lined the streets.  Owners were talking with onlookers and sharing every ounce of knowledge they had about their cars.  It was the perfect scene to walk into.

The minute we “pulled up” to the show, Oster looked in every direction but where the cars were.  He was mesmerized by all of the people. He waved to them, pointed at random dogs, and watched the street traffic. I don’t think he paid attention to one muscle car!

Not to worry. Mom and Dad had a fantastic time! We’re looking forward to taking him to the next show; however, I’ll have to spruce up his car a bit before we go.



Apples and Oranges: Going Bananas with Pairs – Book Review

Word association takes on a whole new level in Sara Pinto’s picture book. At the beginning, the reader is immediately faced with the question, “How are an apple and an orange alike?” When the page is turned, the obvious answer isn’t given; instead the reader will enjoy seeing that the answer is, “They both don’t wear glasses.”

Some other pairs Pinto puts together to get your little one thinking: spoon and fork; rabbit and armadillo; starfish and octopus; and mug and teacup.

My personal favorite: trousers and underpants…”they both don’t make good hats.”

The artwork is creative and silly. Your child will love seeing a cupcake scuba dive and a book going out for sushi. It’s so fun to read!

Oster, are you there?

Due to the heat wave being over, my mom just left this morning to go back home. She was here almost a week and (because of the heat) we stayed indoors the majority of the time.

We pretty much spent our entire days together: cooking, cleaning, playing, reading, etc. There were times Oster and I did some of our daily routines: language class, library, grocery store, etc.

One thing that my mom really enjoyed participating in was the Skype-ing we did with my mother-in-law and my dad (on separate occasions). My mom doesn’t have a computer, nor does she want one. So you can imagine how excited she was to see Oster babbling with his grandpa and gram during the week. She was amazed at how clear the audio and images were.  She even got in the background to do a dance and add to the conversation.

After we “hung up” each time, my mom really wanted to get involved with the Skype-ing. I offered her our computer to Skype with our other family members but she said she wanted to Skype with Oster.  “How can you do that?” I asked.  “He’s right here…we only have one Skype account.” 

“Well,” she said. “I can use his laptop”. She picked up his plastic toy, put it on her lap, looked at the “monitor” and said, “Oster, are you there?” She talked to the laptop screen while Oster was standing right next to her. I wish I had my camera to take a photo. Both she and Oster had so much fun pretending. My mom had a giant smile on her face the entire time.  What a precious moment.

In My Bag – Baby Sunscreen

Before Oster’s arrival the website I would visit on a daily basis was EWG’s Skin Deep. This site is a database of good/bad/ugly chemicals that are found in your beauty products.  These products range anywhere from toothpaste to deodorant to your baby’s shampoo.  You can find almost any ingredient and major label (some not-so-major labels too).   The Environmental Working Group rates these products and ingredients from 0 – 10, with 10 being the most harmful.

The reason I haven’t looked at it in awhile is because I’ve been on the site for over 5 years, so I kind of know what products I should stay away from and which ones I should keep using.

However, now that Oster will be using sunscreen every day…multiple times a day…I went back to revisit.  You could literally spend 2-3 hours (I’ve done it before) on this site researching the ingredients.

Oster’s Sunscreen 

Not only did I find a sunscreen suitable for Oster, I also looked up some of my cosmetics I’ve been using for awhile. Lo and behold…a couple of my staple cosmetics changed their ingredients without my knowledge. Actually, all I had to do was read the packaging; but because I’ve purchased the same product for so long I just didn’t do it (shame on me)!  It looks like I’ll be re-visiting this site again to check all of the products in my bag!

A Pool with Rules

Summer is here and we’re finally breaking out the killer gift my mother-in-law gave Oster: a splash pool. 

Before we could set it up we had to remove a very large sticker and an Owner’s Manual. I thought it might be wise to read the manual to see if there is anything we need to concern ourselves about (since this is the first splash pool we’ve ever owned).

According to the manual, there are a few safety measures that we are instructed to follow:

First – “Keep unsupervised children from accessing the pool by installing fencing or other approved barrier around all sides of the pool.”

Second – “Do not dive into this pool.”

Third – Apparently only women can watch their children swim. Sorry, Andy: