Fun with the Family

We’re back from our long weekend in St. Louis. We’ve been home for a couple of days now and I’m finally caught up with the laundry and some emails (both daunting tasks).

We had a blast with the family. I loved staying up all hours chatting (even though I wouldn’t think of staying up past my bedtime at home), running through the sprinkler with the clothes I was wearing in the 112 degree temps (again, wouldn’t normally do this), and having an extra glass of wine after the kids are in bed (okay, I do this one).

With such a short time with the family, we didn’t make it to any major sights plus it was “too hot” outside (I just quoted my mom).  We spent our time visiting and catching up. It was one of the best trips we’ve had in this great city.

We were so involved with everything everyone was doing I completely forgot to take any photos of our time there…except for this one:

I can never pass up a photo op of yummy grilling! Kudos to Chef Uncle M!

This weekend the Cardinals play the Cubs! Is it wrong that I’m hoping the Cardinals win?

I Like Vegetables – Book Review

Carrots, peas, corn, and pumpkin are the veggies highlighted in Lorena Siminovich’s board book.

I Like Vegetables teaches toddlers about colors, counting, opposites, shapes and textures. Each veggie is illustrated on two pages, allowing for your little one to focus on the produce at hand.

The objects are drawn in different angles and sizes. You see peas in their shell and out of their shell. You see two whole pumpkins and one sliced open. There are many shapes that can be identified, both on the veggies and in the background artwork.

The book closes with an empty picnic basket on one page and a full one (of vegetables, of course) on the other. Although a quick read you could spend a good amount of time on all that this book has to offer.

My Foodie ABC: A Little Gourmet’s Guide – Book Review

Attention all Foodies:

This gourmet board book not only helps teach your little ones the ABCs but also introduces them to some fun foods.

Puck, the author, doesn’t use the typical “A is for apple” approach. With the trendy illustrations (by Violet Lemay) he writes as if your toddler has the gastronomical gene inherited by both mom and dad.

Both upper and lowercases are displayed for each of the 26 letters. All foods (like alfajores, habanero, quinoa, and udon) are shown with the correct pronunciation and description of each food.

After reading this, you’ll feel as if you’ve just been on a culinary tour around the world.