Literacy Links

Here you will find some links to helpful literacy sites. This section is updated frequently, so come back often.

Some of Oster's Favorite Books

Reading Literacy Resources

Zero to Three – this site provides information on language and literacy for babies and infants 0 – 3 years old. They offer podcasts and tips on different stages of development. They also showcase a “Download of the Week” which provides information on topics ranging from brain development to behavior strategies.

Reach Out and Read – this nonprofit organization works with pediatricians to help support reading literacy and encourage reading to take place at home.  At each of the scheduled infant check-ups (beginning at 6 months), the child will receive a book to bring home with him/her.  This site offers helpful information, links, and resources to parents.

National Literary Trust – based out of London, this organization shares case studies and news articles about how to engage children to read. They also designed a site specifically for parents to help guide them through their children’s reading journey: Words for Life.

Literacy Connections – a site that provides strategies on reading comprehension, tips on reading aloud, and resources specifically geared toward parents.

The Center for Applied Linguistics – a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting bilingual literacy.

5 thoughts on “Literacy Links

  1. I’m always looking for suggestions on books to add to our collection. Know of any good book review sights, reading lists, etc. aimed at toddlers?

  2. Im a linguist myself and my daughter is bilingual and has some knowledge of french and italian basics like sounds, colors, numbers). What youre doing with your child and on this blog is amazing. The more you read the more extensive their vocabulary and recognition of letters, sounds and words, besides is super fun!

    • Thank you so much. I’m so happy you stopped by. We’re in the process of teaching Oster French (I speak enough to get by…my husband speaks basic Spanish). I appreciate your words of support!

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