Oh Nose!

We, as parents, know that ear infections are quite common in babies and toddlers. I feel very fortunate that Oster has had only 2 ear infections since birth. Oster’s pediatrician explained to us that it is so common in these young ones due to fluids not having anywhere to go. Instead of draining out, children’s short horizontal tubes keep the fluid stagnant making it easy for bacteria to hang around in the ear.

Until Oster can learn how to blow his nose, we have taken the liberty to go in and get his snot on our own (with a little help from the NoseFrida).

He can’t be a Toddler Already!

Although Oster had his 1st year birthday, started taking his first steps, and ditched the bottle during the day I’ve been in denial this past month.  His infancy stage can’t be over yet, can it?

We still put him on the changing table (although, his legs are hanging off of it); maybe it is time to take off the pad and make it into the hutch/dresser it’s supposed to be.

He still wears bibs (only because he is drooling like a faucet due to teething); he only has 4 teeth.

On the flip side: Oster has graduated to 18 mos. clothing, points to everything so we can tell him what the objects are, and is now drinking soy milk.   He chases the dogs around with a smile and a scream of excitement, he asks us to read his favorite books over and over again, and he points to the radio when he wants to hear his music.

Sure, I knew Oster was going to grow up; (using the cliché) I didn’t know he was going to do it so quickly.

It hit me yesterday as I watched his baby hair fall to the ground. His first haircut!  I was given an envelope with a lock of his hair. “This is for mom,” the stylist said. “That should be enough for his baby book”.

“Yes,” I said and I suddenly remembered.  His baby book; the book that only goes up to 12 months.  This is the last thing that will go in it. There are no more pages to write in.  His baby book will be finished.

It was at that moment in time I realized that my son has become a toddler.