In My Bag – Baby Sunscreen

Before Oster’s arrival the website I would visit on a daily basis was EWG’s Skin Deep. This site is a database of good/bad/ugly chemicals that are found in your beauty products.  These products range anywhere from toothpaste to deodorant to your baby’s shampoo.  You can find almost any ingredient and major label (some not-so-major labels too).   The Environmental Working Group rates these products and ingredients from 0 – 10, with 10 being the most harmful.

The reason I haven’t looked at it in awhile is because I’ve been on the site for over 5 years, so I kind of know what products I should stay away from and which ones I should keep using.

However, now that Oster will be using sunscreen every day…multiple times a day…I went back to revisit.  You could literally spend 2-3 hours (I’ve done it before) on this site researching the ingredients.

Oster’s Sunscreen 

Not only did I find a sunscreen suitable for Oster, I also looked up some of my cosmetics I’ve been using for awhile. Lo and behold…a couple of my staple cosmetics changed their ingredients without my knowledge. Actually, all I had to do was read the packaging; but because I’ve purchased the same product for so long I just didn’t do it (shame on me)!  It looks like I’ll be re-visiting this site again to check all of the products in my bag!