Fun with the Family

We’re back from our long weekend in St. Louis. We’ve been home for a couple of days now and I’m finally caught up with the laundry and some emails (both daunting tasks).

We had a blast with the family. I loved staying up all hours chatting (even though I wouldn’t think of staying up past my bedtime at home), running through the sprinkler with the clothes I was wearing in the 112 degree temps (again, wouldn’t normally do this), and having an extra glass of wine after the kids are in bed (okay, I do this one).

With such a short time with the family, we didn’t make it to any major sights plus it was “too hot” outside (I just quoted my mom).  We spent our time visiting and catching up. It was one of the best trips we’ve had in this great city.

We were so involved with everything everyone was doing I completely forgot to take any photos of our time there…except for this one:

I can never pass up a photo op of yummy grilling! Kudos to Chef Uncle M!

This weekend the Cardinals play the Cubs! Is it wrong that I’m hoping the Cardinals win?

10 thoughts on “Fun with the Family

  1. The meat had me drooling lol. You have to be routing for the Cubs, common :). You know cubbies are die had fans…my hubs wears me out from talking about every year is their year lol. Good to have you back in Chicago

    • I used to agree with it being the Cubs year every year…I guess I finally gave up. I switched over to the dark side…White Sox! 🙂
      Thanks, Boomie! It’s always great to be back home.

  2. Great to hear that you had a nice weekend with your family. And I love that “too hot” thing about your mom. I will start to use it as a standard excuse when I come back to Dubai:)

    • Thanks, Kerry. We did have a blast. I know it’s hard to get together with family that are so far away. My dad lives in Georgia and we see him only twice a year (sometimes only once).

  3. I sounds like it was a PERFECT time. So the grilled meat looks yummy, but I must be really dumb as I cannot place what is on the sticks. The answers going to make me look really stupid, huh? lol

  4. You know I am a Cardinals fan so what I am about to say is predicatble: “It would be wrong if you didn’t want the Cardinals to win.”

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